Improve Profitability with Purchase Analytics!


Improve Profitability with Purchase Analytics!

Give the power of Analytics not only to Purchase but also to Sales, Inventory and Payment at a click.

Features Of Purchase:

  • 01 Visibility

    You will get the complete visibility of all purchases made along with the relevant variables like brand, category etc.

  • You will be able to make informed decisions as interlinked data of past sales & profitability along with inventory will be available at a click.

  • You can get product-wise profitability along with relevant expenses to have complete information regarding profits.

  • You can set and check your scheme target product-wise to have the complete visibility of pending schemes at a given point of time.

  • You will be in control of the business decisions taken by the team as the impact can be visible to you through various analytics.

  • You can arrive at the Net Landing Price of items purchased along with various schemes. This will help you to look into details of profitability.


Benefits Of Purchase

1.Scheme Management

  • You can set and keep track of all your schemes in a single place.
  • The impact of all schemes will reflect in item cost, which in turn will help to see itemized profitability.
  • All the pending schemes will be visible to you at a click through this business intelligence platform.

2. Itemized Profitability

  • You can keep track of item-wise profitability which will help to see the profit for every sales person / category / territory.
  • You can see the carrying cost of every product to give a better understanding of profitability.
  • Salesperson-wise profitability can be seen along with his cost to the company for making informed decisions.