Stay on top of your business with easy-to-use ERP!

Intuitive, Intelligent and Agile. The ERP that understands your business. That is a SMART ERP.

EPPS SMART ERP is intuitive, intelligent and agile and lets you take business decisions whenever and wherever. It understands your business through the lens of a seasoned businessperson and acts as your partner in your growth trajectory.

It is easy to use, scalable, and accommodates large number of data points. The configurable platform of EPPS SMART ERP allows you to control and monitor your operations. The smart approval mechanism lets you access real time accurate data anywhere to take fast decisions.

Features Of EEPS:

  • 01 Global Connectivity

    1.Map And Geo Location.
    2.Cloud Extensions.
    4.Social Media Platforms.
    5.Attedance Software

  • 1.POS Terminal.
    2.Weighing Scales.
    2.IOT Gateway.

  • 1.Moble App.
    2.Whats App

  • 1.Payment Gateway.
    2.Ecommerce Portals.
    3.Banking Software.
    4.Government Portal For Compliance.
    5.Vender Portals.
    6.Customer Portals.

  • 1.Payroll.
    2.Hrms Management.
    3.CRM/Salses Force.
    4.BI & Analytics.
    5.Shipping Software.
    6.Learning Management.
    7.Product Design & RND.
    8.Document Management



  • Sales & Distributed Managemnt System.
  • Customer Relationship Managemnt.
  • Material Management System.
  • Production & Qualtiy Management System.
  • Human Resource Managment System.
  • Business Policy Management System.
  • Administration Management System.
  • Mobile App Features.
  • Advance System Planning.

Frequently Asked Questions