Meet Our Few Team Members

Diksha Bhosale

Finance Department

"I have noticed the company shows a considerable importance on its employees, along with religiously serving our clients. I truly enjoy coming to work in such a family-friendly atmosphere. Here as an employee we can express our opinions and views there is always a place for innovation and co-operation in our organization. We are also blessed with the Senior Management Team- a group of people who are down to earth, approachable and caring. It's inspiring to work for a company who honestly wants to do right for their customers and employees. The strength of any business is its People and AIM values its Strength!"

Abhishek Palaye

Enterprise solution Department

"I am working with Aim Infocom Services pvt ltd for last three years. Our company’s Directors and staff are always supportive. This is one of the best organizations in tally industries in India and I am so lucky to be the part of this organization."

Priti Durgawale

Sales Department

"Its a very interesting place to work. Got a chance to interact with customers across India as well as with different personalities with their unique opinion. Increased my skills a lot as a sales manager also was able to improve my technical skills. Many a times I am rewarded for the quality of my efforts. For freshers this is a best platform to prove their ability and capability. The best example of incredible growth in a company is myself."

Amit Dhuriya

Account department

"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our organisation. Aiminfocom has given me a opportunity to work and a great opportunity to learn and grow.We really appreciate the manner in which Aiminfocom operates there working atmosphere.I would like to extend my thanks to our Directors for the remarkable help and always motivating us."

Rizwan Kharadi

Customization Department

"Getting to work in this prestigious company has been a remarkable experience. The practical knowledge and the energy they provide, made me feel very secured."

Pallavi Lotenkar

Sales Department

"The company and its environment here is very lively. Employees and Directors are very supportive. One thing is very great about this company that you are free to use your creativity. I am extremely happy to be part of these organisations."

Sarfuddin Ansari

Support department

"AimInfocom is built on a work ethos of quality product, ethical action, and client success. When tethered to the rest of the story, which is motivated people who take care of each other because the company takes care of them, it seems to me we have a pretty darned good solution to job satisfaction and company success."